Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures from Granada

Some of the pictures of Spanish Students from different parts of the world (USA, Australia, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Japsn and many more) They all participated in the Spanish courses offered in Granada, Spain.

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Tapas night in Granada is a famous outing for Spanish students to experience the culture of the city. Granada is one of the few remaining cities who serve free Tapas when you buy a drink. In definition, Tapa is, “to cover” It’s a form of snacking and it has been this way for generations, historically, it was known to be served with wine to offset the taste of wine. When the student studies Spanish abroad, they not only enjoy the taste of Spain, but also experience the historical landmarks of the city, and the very vibrant Flamenco dances.

Tapas Night - Granada

Semana Santa- Granada, Spain

Alhambra, Granada

Granada Apartment (Study Spanish in Granada)

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  1. Fascinating, wish to someday visit and hopefully have the opportunity to study in Spain. We're here in Asia's Latin City. Visit us too at

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