Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Raw Video Flamenco Dancing

Here is a video from a past student who captured a Flamenco performer in Spain. When taking courses to learn Spanish in Spain, students get a chance to view and even learn the famous dance. It's a cultural immersion which students get interact with the locals.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures from Granada

Some of the pictures of Spanish Students from different parts of the world (USA, Australia, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Japsn and many more) They all participated in the Spanish courses offered in Granada, Spain.

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Tapas night in Granada is a famous outing for Spanish students to experience the culture of the city. Granada is one of the few remaining cities who serve free Tapas when you buy a drink. In definition, Tapa is, “to cover” It’s a form of snacking and it has been this way for generations, historically, it was known to be served with wine to offset the taste of wine. When the student studies Spanish abroad, they not only enjoy the taste of Spain, but also experience the historical landmarks of the city, and the very vibrant Flamenco dances.

Tapas Night - Granada

Semana Santa- Granada, Spain

Alhambra, Granada

Granada Apartment (Study Spanish in Granada)

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10 Best To-Do in Granada

1. Visit the Alhambra, the ancient moorish palace, and its Generalife gardens

2. Visit the Albayzín, a World Heritage Site, on the school’s doorstep, and get a flavour for the Arabic part of the city

3. Go for tapas and taste the traditional foods of Granada

4. Visit the Sierra Nevada: ideal for walking in summer and skiing in winter

5. Visit the ‘mercadillo’, the sprawling markets of Granada

6. Visit the Mirador de San Nicolás, in the Albayzín, for some of the most well-known and spectacular views of the Alhambra

7. Visit the Sacromonte, high up on a hill with its cave dwellings and flamenco

8. Visit the beach: Granada is ideally situated between the mountains and the sea of the Tropical Coast

9. Go to the Realejo to admire the city’s graffiti: El Niño de las Pinturas creates true works of arts of the city’s walls around here.

10. Stop to listen to the buskers around the city: from violinists to impromptu flamenco sessions that start whilst walking through the streets, the people of Granada add character to the city through music.

Spanish for Success

10 Reasons Why Study in Granada, Spain

1. The Alhambra: a truly awe-inspiring Moorish palace that towers over the city.

2. The exotic feel to the city: the Arabic zones such as the Albayzín , with its sights, sounds and smells, make you feel like you’re in Morocco.

3. Tapas: still come as standard with drinks here, and allow you to experience Granada’s fantastic cuisine with its mix of influences, from the mountains, the coast and the fertiles lowlands.

4. Best of both worlds: as well as the atmospheric, old parts of the city, 5 minutes’ down the road there is the modern shopping centre with everything yoiu could need.

5. Flamenco: come and visit Andalusia, flamenco’s birthplace, to see it performed properly, and with passion, in the old gypsy cave dwellings of the Sacromonte.

6. The nightlife: whatever you are looking for, from a quiet drink with friends sharing tapas, a restaurant meal, a film at the cinema, to a wild nightclub, Granada has it all.

7. Its location: ideally situated between the beaches of the Tropical Coast and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, there are times during the year when you can ski in the morning and spend the afternoon on the beach.

8. Fiesta: the people of Granada look for any excuse to have fun, and all of the festivals and fiestas here are spectacular, from the processions of Semana Santa to the city’s jazz festival.

9. The people: the friendliness of Andalucians will make you never want to leave. Whether you’re chatting in a café, or enjoying the atmosphere created by the prestigious university’s thousands of students, the sunny disposition of the people in Granada will improve your stay.

10.Its history: Granada is a city with so many layers of history, and so many different cultures entwined, that you will never tire of discovering something new about where you are studying.

Spanish for Success

Study Spanish in Granada, Spain


1 and 2 weeks Programmes

Groups: from 15 to 25 participants

Spanish course

20 classes of 45 minutes each, during the morning

5 to 10 students per class.

Course material, level test and attendance certificate included.

Free access to internet, library and wi-fi for laptops.


Spanish family with half board (breakfast and 1 meal)

2 students per family in double room.

Families located between 5 and 20 minutes walking distance from the school.


1 guided activity per day, except days of arrival and departure.

Pick up service:

Granada or Malaga Airport to the centre of Granada, and return journey, in private bus.


1 teacher goes free with every 10 participants.

Sample 1 week PROGRAM (GRANADA)


Pick up service from Granada or Malaga Airport with private bus.

Arrival in Granada and welcome from families.

Monday to Friday

Breakfast with family

Spanish course in the morning

Lunch or dinner with the family

Afternoon / evening: activity

Monday: guided visit around the city centre and Albayzín

Tuesday: guided visit of the Cathedral and Royal Chapel.

Wednesday: “sevillanas” dance class

Thursday: guided visit of the Alhambra and Generalife.

Friday: Tapas

Saturday: breakfast with family and private bus from Granada centre to Granada or Malaga airports.

Sample 2 week PROGRAM (GRANADA)


Pick up service from Malaga Airport to Granada, in a private bus.

Lunch or dinner with family.

Guided visit of Granada city centre.

Monday to Friday

Breakfast with family

Spanish course in the morning

Lunch or dinner with the family

Afternoon / evening: activity

Monday: guided visit around the Albayzín and Sacromonte.

Tuesday: guided visit of the Cathedral and Royal Chapel

Wednesday: cinema to see a film in Spanish, or an excursion.

Thursday: Treasure hunt around the city

Friday: “sevillanas” dance class

Saturday: 1 day excursion to Seville or Cordoba

Sunday: 1 day excursion to the Alpujarras and the coast (Salobreña or Almuñecar)

Monday: guided visit of the Monasterio de San Jerónimo and surroundings.

Tuesday: guided visit of the Federico García Lorca Museum-house in the Huerta de San Vicente.

Wednesday: cinema to see a film in Spanish, or an excursion.

Thursday: guided visit of the Alhambra and Generalife.

Friday: free afternoon for shopping. We go for tapas to say goodbye.

Saturday: Breakfast with family. Return from Granada to Malaga Airport in a private bus.

2 week program per participant: 785 euros